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I decided to check the results every hour for three hours. I could see after the first check that the parts were looking a lot better than when I put them in. And after three they had all been buffed to a high degree.

It was an easy job to tip the orb and components through the sieve and into the waiting container. I was relieved to find that all the parts were retained by the sieve with all the orb passed through to the container. As a famous journalist once said on the Harriers taking off for a Sortie in the Falklands. “I counted them all out and I counted them all back again”.

I carefully examined all the parts and found no damage whatsoever, but each had received a nice polish. Perfect.

I now use this system to clean both Bulle and Eureka parts. I have also tried extending the time in the tumbler up to 24 hours. The extended time does a little better at removing some stains but I found that 5 hours was probably about right. It must be noted that the orb is not very abrasive and will only buff the parts. If you have ever used an ultrasonic cleaner then you’ll know that parts still need to be buffed with a brush or cloth to remove “water marks” etc. The tumbler in conjunction with the orb does a beautiful job and does no harm to the parts. I must also add that I have been using the same batch of maize orb for the last two years with no degradation in its polishing ability.

The only manual labour required now is spending a few minutes with a needle removing orb from the screw head slots and from other small crevices and holes. A can of air is also useful at this time.

The video shows the tumbler in action. The parts shown had been left tumbling in the orb for 3 hours. I even tumbled a Eureka balance spring, which just shows how gentle the action is.

Although I used the product from the companies mentioned I assume similar equipment and Orb can be sourced elsewhere.




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